Pomegrante & Food

Roman Zaman is where you’ll be served in a glamorous Damascene ambiance with a Canadian elegant touch.
As an ancient Civilized City, Damascus takes you into its magical history through its life elements such as fountains, majlises, handcrafted doors and chandeliers. That is what we are presenting by bringing our guests the whole Mediterranean atmosphere, starting with the name down to reach the Damascene nobility reflected by copper pots, wooden trays, and warm hospitality.


Roman Zaman


By the blend in other nature, we come with best food flavors.

Its right at this point when we realized the great connection between this fruit and the whole concept of the restaurant

The connection between the Pomegranate and the city, the city and the restaurant  concept & between the restaurant’s function and its name..   

What could be better than a major fruit to take the lead in most of the meals we are willing to serve in this historical restaurant we want to create.

Roman Zaman
Roman Zaman